in other words the acronym for ‘garbage in, garbage out.’…’heard from a URS (usually reliable source)that the long gone Don Marco, aka Jeffry Lynn Cassman, is moving back to Guatemala, specifically around San Lucas and bringing at least 10 of his children (#13 on the way)…’gotta be a bus ride from hell, no?

ah, Christmas…the smell of freshly baked bread wafting from the ovens of San Martin (packed with customers)on 5th Avenida Sur…and the largest pile of firecracker debris further south, being bagged by the Nuestra Limpia Antigua crew…’thought their contract ($$)expired..whatever, they’re on the job…’notice the ‘its against the law to drink in public’ posters around the park? wtf? who enforces it? the Tourist Police? ‘up against the wall, beer boy?’

I’m still getting over the shock of Frank Mays passing….a hole ripped in the fabric of this town and so, what happens with Nim Pot, the Galleria de Arte or El Cerro de San Cristobal now?..that weekend I was preoccupied with gettingĀ  back to the hospital in TX, to have my transmission fluid topped off and a few pints low..how? why? dunno..I see where was El Sol (west of the park)has a new tenant…Cafe & (ampersand)..good..more coffee joints!

Will Mammas #2 ever open? 10 months later, etc…maybe the handicapped space in front refers to the work crew…Franklin Voorhees, of As Green as it Gets, back in town and the NGO is working again(good, one of my two favorites)…of well….enjoy the rest of the year..

2 thoughts on “G.I.G.O

  1. This reads like a long stream of consciousness rather than an actual article. Weird. That last paragraph tho… I’m so lost. You’re writing is so weird! LOL


  2. Surely Guatemalan Immigration won’t let Cassman and his expanding family back into the country, considering the rather notorious way he exited the last time? Hope you are feeling better, Michael, and that 2017 brings good times for you.


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