My Bleu Heaven

so? international rules require any country to have a ‘functional’ postal service…so? does that mean that Guatemala isn’t a country? kind of…yep, the govt postal service, El Correo, is still not working…suggestion #2…have all the govt checks mailed to the recipients, Morales included…’betcha the problem would be solved in about a week, eh? kind of like the mess with getting new DPI cards….and I read that the ‘gov’t(sic)is outsourcing the replacement license plates, not done since 2004…hey, the prisons are overcrowded, why not have the inmates learn a new skill?

Mamma’s #2, with the outside metal sheets done/gone…will this mean an opening by Semana Santa? and sadly, the purple truck and the workers in the yellow jackets are gone, looks like they ran out of money…but, wait! there’s more! the usual muni crew seen with a couple of portable pressure washers, douching off the park…that won’t last long…the machines will be stolen, sold and it’ll be business as usual…..segue way…is Guatemala and the YouEss of A the only two countries with racist clowns as presidents?  does North Korea make the cut?

and yes, I’m going to take a little break from this hectic pace…it’s been fun

2 thoughts on “My Bleu Heaven

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I enjoyed his musings on Antigua. My son lives there and I have spent some time enjoying the town. I think your Dad was a very talented and interesting man. He totally “got” Antigua. I hope he didn’t suffer. God bless and give his soul rest.


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