Sticker Shock

so, I go by El Correo, the government(sic)post office…yeah, they’re open but not quite….’another 3 weeks, another contract, money from the government’….cha cha…’end up at Caniz, the private service on lower 4th avenida and…the price of an outgoing regular size envelope, not heavy? jumped from 27q to 65q!…yowza!$9 for a regular letter? prepared and bring extra $$

and yes, I missed two birthdays this week of some local beautiful women: Tanya Hughes and Evelyn Mundo….damn me…Evelyn, of the Exit Inn…and the Exit’s darts team is kicking ass! Artie, of the Londoner, is locking up the local music/ food scene…said that on Thanksgiving, he sold off some 25+ plates by 5:30 and it was oover…

music? Nelson’s back, playing at various spots, notably El Biblioteca on 1st sur….Sam Receta is back, from Canada and headed for the Yukon next year…Hogan’s gone(not a bad trade)

and? check out for my latest article…whoopee! and yes, the prices for two books have dropped…Our Man in Antigua and Ponzi Bob/River of Scum are now $2.99…there’s some other specials  on the Amazon site, some free stuff to sort thru…they’re a bit behind the curve, so don’t worrry about it..Amazon/Kindle has me over the ‘barrel’…my local production costs are more than they charge…o boy..

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