30 Days Hath

November, April and June…’don’t remember the 4th but its no big deal…this is Guatemala, after all. This is, however, on of my favorite times of the year….few tourists, crisp mornings, perfect days and good air quality (views)….and yes, Thanksgiving comes around next week…Thursday, if I recall. The Londoner is putting on a dinner, starting at 5pm for 59Q! helluva deal, altho pumpkin pie/whipped cr3eam  is extra ($)I’ll drag my limping  self to that one…nearby, I can walk in/out….and Hogan leaves that day, back to Oregon and whatever awaits him there (don’t ask, don’t tell).

What  is the meaning of blue curbs? I ‘get’ the red and the white curbs, but blue? (around the corner on 5th Ave, from Reilly’s Esquina and I see that work has resumed on the abruptly stopped installation/changes on the ATM cave outside of el Banco G&T Continental, across from the park…this time will official Muni/City approval…the cries of desecration of historical monuments died down, apparently…and according to one paper, the Nuestro Antigua Limpia project  runs outa $$$ December the first…if you’ve got $$ to spare, this is a great project…contact Phillip Wilson at EcoFiltro..por favor.

And an old familiar face in town for a few days…Dave Hoffman, almost unrecognizeable behind shoulder length hair…he’s gone now but not forgotten…and a very big tip of the panama to Lori Shea, of Guatemala Medical Travel, for arranging the emergency brain surgery for Peter Mc Garry..basically saved his life and his brain…whew!…and the Exit Inn dart team is kicking ass and taking names…recently mopped the floor with the gang from the Bulls Eye Tavern….and yes, I’m still limping,  scheduling a hip replacement for sometime next spring, time/place still under discussion..hey, it worked for Jackson!…so, tis the start of a beautiful weekend..I’m messing around with a start of a novel, something I’ve never done before…no $$ in it except an urge to tell some stories about Guatemala…

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