The Moon Was High

and so was I, metaphorically speaking…the three shots of Flor de Cana helped a bit but I think it was the setting: Mike Tallon’s 50th birthday party(and having survived some serious medical problems)ask me, I know about that, set in John Rexer’s fabulous house out in the woods of the Finca Azotea and people….people, ‘old’ Antigua and new, gringos and Chapins, a pig on the spit, a raft of liquor, food and conversations…

There was a mariachi band that played for a long time and every musician in town was there…Bobby Darling/Grace, Tom Graham, Mercedes, Nelson Lunding….basically an All-Star Line up of the best of Antigua these days. All that was missing might’ve been Hector Castro, but he’s been gone for a while and I miss his presence at the original Hector’s….he made that place work…and reflecting on the changes of upper 5th Avenida, with Sangre gone, and how the original Reilly’s would bounce off the Casbah across the street and that was Ground Zero for the nightlife of Antigua…a more genteel, less rowdy assortment of gentlemen drinkers that the current group of loaded louts to be found elsewhere these days…Bruce McCowan was probably there, in spirit and the only thing missing, to my way of thinking (sic) might’ve been some of the ‘girls’ from the nearby Diva’s 2.

 So, things change: I wonder how Tartines stays open: I’ve got it that Fusion is supported by the rest of the building and El Barrio hums along. Sobremesa by the strength of Alex’s many talents…yeah, times change. Nils of Fish/Azul 39 died and 6th Avenida/5th Calle has become the new center of gravity, bar and food-wise…1st Avenida continues to hum, anchored by Cafe No Se and the only vacancy is Juan Caravela, whose ‘for sale’ sign is so old that the sun has faded it. Yep, a night of memories and all good..Thank you, Mike Tallon, family and friends…it was classic.


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