Happy Veterans Day!

kiss one, if you can find one…Hogan and I are too old/decrepit but, hey, take a shot..

Henrik’s  latest, Central Park Pizza, opened last night….scores of people(free booze) and only a few faces that I recognized: Ponzi Bob, Reid, Ron Fortin and amazingly, John Wilbur in from Lanquin! long time no see, etc…as I said, regarding the pizza, its similar to one’s taste in women…they’re all different. The location,  on 2nd avenida and 6th calle might be a bit difficult but time will tell…

Our wandering troubador, Nelson Lunding is back, playing here/there and it’s Michael Tallon’s birthday (50) weekend..event some where tonight, John Rexer’s (Finca Azotea) tomorrow night and of course, the wind-up at Cafe No Se Sunday night…whew, whatta schedule!

and yes, the rains have stopped and I never had to/used my umbrella…another record for the books…and yes, I’m recovered/feeling much better after my emergency trip  to the Houston VA hospital a few weeks ago…cause of the stomach bleeding? taking an Alleve on an empty stomach in the morning…well, empty in the sense of two espressos/two cigarettes but I’ve learned to eat better..oatmeal with what I thought was rains but turned out to be prunes this morning…gotta fix that…have a great weekend: there’ll be music at the Londoner and pizza, where ever you go: its Antigua-stan!

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