Hollow Weenies

judging from the copious amounts of broken beer bottles in the streets this morning, it had to be an epic Halloween, even by Antigua standards…I was out early/in early, with a great pizza from La Viniera on 5th avenida sur…and they were inundated with trick or treaters…what a great selection of wine they have! staggering…

yeah, I’ve been gone for a week or so…emergency stuff at the VA hospital in Houston….gave me blood and stuff…I’ve been running down, the old two cups of espresso with two cigarettes for breakfast doesn’t suit me…fine…I’m better, ok? a tip of the panama to Nazi John, for suggesting a while back that I write up the 3 lousy field trips with the Captain and JR where we didn’t find anything as described…the article, in the December issue of RocknGem, will be published in December..who knew? the ongoing saga of the ‘novel’ will progress, now that I’m recovered from the latest..

and yes, the govt’ (sic)says that the the Antigua post office is open…I’ll try mailing christmas cards this week and see if they arrive in a month or so…this country!

Grace and Bobby Darling are back together…playing at the Londoner…gotta go see/hear them…the best music in town, to my taste, anyway. heard that there’s a new pizza place opening, on 7th ave, part of the La Taverna outfit…good..we need more pizza outlets, like we need more travel agencies and spanish schools…if they can beat Little Caesars for price, they might make it..otherwise..and thanks again, to all who sent me kind wishes vis a vis my recent medical problems…I’ve learned…and yes, I’ll start eating breakfast, lunch and dinner…onweird! to the election and thanksgiving…christ, what choices…

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