A Master Debater

I probably should have just watched Comedy Central or wished for re-runs of the Gong Show…is this the best we can do (apparently)…at least Arty Barnes of the Londoner has his thinking cap on, capitalizing on the ‘draw’ and advertising it…yeah, come on down, have a few drinks, etc…

major tips of the panama to Alex Ferrar(Sobremesa)for helping the crippled guy(the twisted body on crutches guy)across the street..and to Lori Shea, of Guatemala Medical Travel…she picked me up, made appointments with the best of the best, walked me thru every thing…whew! it doesn’t get any better, so if you ever/ever have any medical questions, get it on..5443-8780..

and yes, I missed Mike D’s ‘welcome back’ party at Ponzi Bob’s on Friday…Bob said something about cold dogs and hot beer or did I get that wrong?(as usual)as the late Walter Brennan once said, I (still)have a hitch in my gitalong.’ but I’m workin’ on it…’might have to do a ‘Jackson’ and the VA route..

ah, the words from our new Mayor, months ago…yeah, I’ll fix the water problem in Los Hatos(outside town, on the way to Earth Lodge)well guess what?they still don’t have water…o well…give ’em EcoFiltros…no, that requires water…how about a truck full of Gallo? or better yet, fill up that useless new fire truck(50000 gallons?)…wait…it can’t make it up the hill…damn, always something, eh?

and, sad to say, the Pancheri’s leave us tonight (NorCal) and Yves G, this weekend..can we draw straws to see who stays and who goes? I’ll submit my very  own list…not like the ‘A’ List’…this is my personal ‘O’ List…obnoxious, etc


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