Splatter or Spatter?


it seems like its trying to rain or is that just a spate of rain? ah, who cares, unless you’re downstream or in a low-lying location..fortunately, for me, living in Antigua and at 5000 feet in altitude…so?

ever wonder about that oriental concept of location, known as ‘feng shui?’…if there ever were a cursed location in town, I offer to you the Wendy’s outlet…great physical location, across the street from the central park, a known brand…and yet a dark hole, without business..is it the entrance? long dark corridor…dunno but it sucks. I’ve been told that the Wendy’s franchise in Guatemala is under the greasy fingers of one Gustavo Alejos, he of the helicopter and the kickbacks from the medical/health system (and yes, he’s in jail, with the other half of the country)…’would you like fries with that?’

…whew..is the Londoner kicking butt with the music scene in town or what? almost every other night, a new or old act…menu changes and so on..Arty! don’t  burn out here..get that damned Michael Rayment to step up..

and so? what’s up/not up with the new Mayor, Susana? s’posed to be major changes, like cleaning up the late night scene, bars, making noises, cha cha..the only changes I see are more puddles of puke on the sidewalks, broken beer bottles and homeless people sleeping in doorways…if if hadnt been for Phil Wilson of Ecofiltro, the park wouldn’t have been redone…o, that’s right..there’s the new useless fire engine from Florida, too big and only good for trimming tree limbs in Joco…whoopee!

and I hate to say this but the long time American Legion library is still in boxes, 7 months later with no sign of a new location…is it over? and yes, I’m still limping but going into the F%#@! City for an MRI soon..my parts are wearing out, as you know..o well..I didn’t expect to live this long otherwise I wouldn’t have spent all the money(but I spent it wisely…good liquor/bad women) so..its the end of the weekend, mas or menos…go out and crank up the party, where ever it is..   one last thought or two…those poor African refugees..they get this far, on their way to the US…but they need better costumes/make-up, no? they kinda stand out, you know?

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