as some of you might know, this refers to ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’ which may well describe this site and/or my life…and yes, Independence Day, Guatemala style has almost passed…was there extra fervor this year?seemed like it, from my  perspective. And judging from the extra passel of exquisite City women, aka Capitalinas, it was a success.

September, as some of the bar/restaurant owners know, is usually a quiet month for biz…some of the exceptions, so far, appear to be the Londoner, El Barrio and Sobremesa.  We’ll see how the Exit Inn, newly injected with fervor (and $$) and the loss of Spiros, goes..Alabama Bob keeps on keepin’ on, with a new idea/twist every so often…gotta love his spirits(rum, etc)

and another another (or 2) only in antigua moments…the Amish kids, those with the long dresses/hair in a snood/bag? selling trinkets in/around the park…I know they’re not Mennenites…those were the inventors of Mennen, the deodorant stuff…got rich, moved to Miami…ok, minor drum roll…Bodegona, the local supermarket? selling big bags of potato chips, with  a
Guatemalan flag included…wtf? had they done this a week ago, it might’ve flown…and then, at the other end of the store, six packs of toilet paper, with a plastic cup there a theme here?

comings/goings…Jackson, of the new hip/new to Cincy, says he’ll be back around Christmas…Der Hogan, in town unusualy early, leaves on Thanksgiving, with some strange plans for the winter..the Pancheri’s…leaving us for good, in October (medical stuff), headed for Nor Cal, which is where Piano Mike and Bobby D are hanging out’ll be interesting to see how those East Coast guys react to th Left Coast…

and thanks to Stafford, who has been suggesting for a long time that I write a book…yeah, got the software and I’ve started…as I said to the ever delicious Maite Morjan this morning, all you need is a good title, a strong opening sentence and sex by page three..I asked, she declined..o, well..god, what a goddess!

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