Tequila Sunrise

today’s version of La Prensa Libre,in a article about bars/discos making too much noise? showed an exterior shot of El Barrio…hey, any publicity is good publicity. I remember the new Mayor saying that she was going to ‘shut down/clean up’ this problem…hah! try the blocks around 5th avenida and 6th calle, and then we’ll talk.

Mamma’s #2 getting close to opening, what ten months later, if the daily appearance of the delightful Mayra is any clue…whatever, just a vision of her in the morning in the black outfit works for me….per Arty Barnes of the Londoner, they’re bucking the usual September trend of decreased business…given the food, atmosphere, music and attention to detail, I’m not surprised.

No, haven’t heard of any new ‘Singles Club’ events…personally I would’ve called it a ‘dining club’ to avoid any misunderstandings..oh well.

I wonder if the new ‘Zika’ thing has impacted any of the coastal resorts…the last time I was at the very sweet Hotel Del Fin, at night they set out the purple rings of death aka mosquito repellants…ever read the instructions on the package> scary…our famed local muralist, Steve Wintershaw, working on two projects at once…one, the Reilly’s #3, the  other a hotel west of town..and if you see me limping around town, it’ a ‘pain in the ass’ other known as sciatic nerve stuff..yeah, i can be a pain  in the ass, ask anyone…and thank you, Rainbow Reading…the Kindle and I don’t mix well…the medium and I’m back to old fashioned paperbacks…and yes, the September edition of Our Man is live on Amazon/Kindle and yes, I’ll put up another article on the other site, http://www.ourmaninantigua.com, with some tasty photos..

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