Another Bear to Cross

so, I’m getting it, slowly, that I live in a 4th world country. I used to think that India wore the crown but even they have a working postal system(thanks to the Brits)but here? the government (sic)took over the El Correo postal system as of August 1…and now,they’re closed, with over 8 million pieces of mail yet to go anywhere…so what, of the international law/regulations that state a government/country must have a working postal system?  hah!, a double hah!…

and so..? ‘mental pause’ hit me , yet again, on Sunday…I was primed to catch the ‘last Bobby Darling’ show at the Londoner and then got hungry…’thought about the great looking cheeseburgers at the Exit Inn…hey, why not? the Spiro’s inspired works of art? (he’s gone, cashed out and is in the States)so, the cheeseburger? killer? the waitress, Joelle? more than killer…but the beer-battered onion rings? out of this world! segue-way! no, there is no new women’s shelter opening up, labeled The Tempura House, for ‘lightly battered women’…sick? yes…segue-way…what was Freddy’s scooters, aka Simoon….lame…now sharing space in the old DiVinci space on 5th calle…a motorcycle showroom? and in the most expensive block in town? segue-way! remember the short-lived business of renting SegWays here? its bad enough walking the cobble stones but riding on a SegWay here?..thanks, I’ll pass.and yes, I missed Bobby D’s last show, before he returns to the States…and a few others also going soon..Jackson, the Pancheri’s in October (medical stuff)Ponzi Bob is here to stay…great! and the usual in/out flows of ‘winter/temp people…so? I’m creating my own list of …no, not the ‘A List’ but the ‘O list’….the obnoxious…those whom I won’t see/drink with with…it’s short, for now but there are openings…

and Lili, the newspaper woman who worked the corner of 4th calle/5th Ave? she’s in Washington! doing what, who knows? and how long has Ay Robot been closed? and I thinks its amusing that the ex-cop and sex offender share space on the bench…one of the reasons that I abstain…too weird, even for Antigua

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