ok, even for Bodegona I thinks it’s weird marketing…buy a  little jar of Skippy peanut butter and receive a little bottle of Clamato…wtf? am i missing some kind of local treat? and while I’m ranting about Bodo, have you noticed by the  check-out stand those racks for condoms? also…there are vibrating things(rings)…do they come with instructions, like ‘insert Part A into Part B?’…maybe one could ask one of the girls(cashiers)for a demo?

and coming soon…as in  next Sunday @ 5pm? the great Bobby Darling Show, plus its Martins birthday (drinks are on the house, aka the roof…lotsa luck getting up there) but/and, as a very special guest, Brendan Byrne…he sings! who knew? I definitely have to be there for this one, which should be epic, even by Antigua standards….standards? yeah…local legends…ok, fine…where? o, that’s right…at the Londoner, on 6th ave, between 4th and 5th calles

speaking of local legends, Maite Morjan aka Tiger Lily, has added a vegetarian menu to El Portal and El Sol, with plans to add an gelato bar in El Sol…as a long time member of PETA(People Eating Tasty Animals), I prefer her bacon…no, El sol’s bacon..jeez, what were you thinking?


ah…surprise…El Correo, the govt postal service? supposedly taken over Aug 1 by the  govt? (the Canadians bailed)…doors open and Norma, behind the counter, just like it was, at least for the eight years that I’ve been going there…Caniz? they’re screwing up again, with both incoming/outgoing mail..and it’s adios to the  folks from El Salvador…they came, they saw, they spent serious Money…30% increase over last year, ‘they’ say…and if you’re in the newly upgraded central park, notice the new signs describing what’s growing in the flower beds and a lot are starting to bloom…major tip of the panama to Phillip Wilson, unsung hero of this project…so? time for  breakfast here…OJ and Quetzalteca…um, good!

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