over the years here, I’ve learned to keep my expectorations…no, expectations low…like going back to Bodegona and expecting that the same article that I saw yesterday will still be there today…in a way, that’s why I’m bailing (again)on the Bobby D show at the Londoner today (5pm)…that and also I’m trying to get an article tuned/polished for a magazine out this week…the show is great, boffo and superb, btw…

ever notice the Pachamama store on west 5th calle? I think they’re part of the large SF organization that always wants a new airplane for next year, but over the door the sign reads ‘chocolate, tea, etc and love’….so I go in and ask for some ‘love’ to go…not much, a pound or so…they show me the door..hasta la vista, idiot..

and the folks from El Salvador are here…40000 expected in Antigua alone!…gotta love our roads, eh? what roads? yesterday, the dudes in the red berets aka Kaibiles were watching over the central park….either that or watching the last of the known perverts…yeah, him…amazing chutzpah..

and yes, the nightly assault on cars in the street…in my case, 5th Avenida south….broken windows, glass in the street..BMW! break my windows….a good thing it’s well lighted, eh? where are the police? o, that’s right…we don’t have any..at least, in the morning as I walk north, there’s the heavenly scent of fresh bakery goods at San Martin..and no, its not true that a new woman’s shelter has opened…aka Tempura House…’lightly battered.’  speaking of health, sort of…is my observation that many people who patronize ‘health food’ stores are in bad health or do they just look that way? kind of a chicken/egg conundrum...

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