In the swill of the night

I’ve been told that the word avocado is a derivitive of the Nahuatl word ‘aguacate’ which actually means ‘scrotum’ in that language…pass the guacamole, eh? 

tomorrow night, yet again a repeat performance of Bobby Darling’s smash performance of last Sunday…where? the Londoner, mid-block 6th avenida sur…5pm…get there early for eats and a seat…it fills up!

and can someone, anyone, tell me the significance of the different plaids worn by the girls in the local catholic schools…just doesn’t seem very spanish/latin to me…and is anyone taking down the new flag in the central park at night? doesn’t look like it, but it is Guatemala, after all.

And yes, the Muni has employed a quaint little electric car for imposing/enforcing the no-parking has the siren and the wheel clamps + the ‘gotcha forms.’…@ $30 a pop, that stings…they seem to avoid the more expensive cars and lock up the poorer varieties… and yes, this is a bit light on content…’sorry..been up early working on new stuff….tomorrow, 5pm…be there..

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