acres of runners gathered in front of City Hall early yesterday morning….among them the dashing beautiful blonde Flor of Dasha(in tasty black spandex) and Blake and his crew from Pappy’s BBQ, in their new logo shirts…”You can smell our pits from blocks away”…..hey, it’s a good smell, ok?

Bobby D and his one man show at the Londoner….Piano Mike, playing guitar(!)opened for him(it’s Antigua, go with it) and the place rocked….sizzling guitar riffs like I’ve never heard, with local musicians in the crowd just to hear him…SRO, as in packed, early on and an amazing  crowd mix…Jackson, Ponzi Bob et al..the Sunday roast beef dinner was perfectly superb and the best place to sit, for service, was by the cash register…Martin! helluva night…Bobby D? wow….don’t miss another of these events…

the Exit Inn, fresh off their recent Darts League trophy, is starting a Tuesday night poker event…starts early, 50q buy in, discounts on drinks/food…and the town was packed…all day long, where did all these people come from? ‘judging from some of the babes, the City…was the the weather or the Bono 14 surge?.or the new park? ..who cares? it was a great day for people-watching and maybe even some of the merchants made a little money(for a change)and I’m told that a motorcycle shop is going in where the old Da Vinci spot was…’seems a bit expensive for that location but what the hell do I know? I know I’m usually  wrong and/or ‘sources’ lead me astray…so? so, what?

and, depending on how you found this, there’s another site up/running as of a few days ago… where I’ll start adding content this week…old/new local articles, whatever, now that the old Examiner site is down/gone/what once was an incredible publishing empire, knawing on the dust…


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