I seem to have misplaced or lost it somewhere…so, no gruntle for me…I did, however, find the answer to a question. Observation tells me that there’s a variety of sizes with Guatemalan women, specifically uh…how to say this tastefully…’as seen from the rear’ does that work? So after asking the question to a few folks and not getting any definitive answer..its simple: there’s a manufacturer of ‘plus size jeans’ in the City…in different silhouettes…’Queen size’ and so on…don’t think this needs to go any further.

Ever wonder about the Bono 14? nope, it’s not Sonny and Cher’s last album. Salaried workers supposedly get two annual bonuses, however there’s a catch…60% don’t get it…receive it…they ‘get it’ that they’re being hosed….speaking of getting hosed, the ‘new and improved’ park gets it every morning and I read that the City is planting a few specimens of a local tree called ‘esquisuchil’ and the flower is said to be a minor tranquilizer….does one smoke it or what? I’ll get back to you on this, after some field tests.

It was great to walk by Casa Blanca yesterday afternoon and hear Nelson…no, wait..that wasn’t Nelson…he’s acquired a couple of sidekicks….still, good music but of course everyone’s attention was on the TV…I would’ve watched if Iceland was playing Wales but I was in the midst of  batch#2 of mango chutney making and my priorities were different…I wonder what this town would be like with a chapter of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence? it’s a San Francisco thing, ok?…fine, I’ll go do the dishes and the day looks sunny and bright…go have fun, as my mom used to tell me.

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