Another Weak-end update

ah, the official inauguration of the park this morning? packed! suits, kids, chairs and the City finally got the NW fountain working again…’major tip of the best panama to Phil Wilson (EcoFiltro)for getting this done, and also Banco Industrial for putting some major $$$…the park is a jewel and a thing of beauty, easily the most beautiful in Guatemala..

finally figured out what the last sign on the outside of the new ‘Old Tree’ says…’Beauly really is meant to read ‘Beauty’…I think..across from Bodegona..Alice, of New Destiny Travel, got a bit slammed today, over some trips/reservations…not her usual style, as I’ve known her for 6 or 7 years…’hit happens, even to the best of us..

and congrats to the Exit Inn, home of the new Dart’s League trophy…is Spiros absence going to make a difference? cooking, maybe..remains to be seen…and across the way, the Klavern Tavern, so named by the absent Hogan..there’s a few who don’t go there anymore …hey, $ is $ and time is valuable. If I want to get a one-sided lecture, there’s always the AL bench in the morning (which is why I’ve opted out of that one also)

and yes, this domain is up/in place…next stop, the new/old ourmaninantigua site…some rough edges to smooth out, a fresh article underway but progress is..and I see that Travel Menu is again offering ‘Steak Nights’…up against the formidable team at the Londoner…and some people are looking at the old Da Vinci site on 5thCalle…god knows why? another restaurant? please…how about a video poker bar? so? so, what? it’s Fried Day Night! go out and raise a little hell but don’t piss in the streets or break beer bottles,  ok?

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